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 Out side the head Dragon Clan

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Out side the head Dragon Clan Empty
PostSubject: Out side the head Dragon Clan   Out side the head Dragon Clan Icon_minitimeFri Aug 03, 2007 8:47 am

Sunua: Urggg..... LUCA!!!!!
Luca: I'm here babe....... THE BABY!!!!!
Sunua: Where is he?!?!?!?
Luca: I don't know.
Sunua: I hear you come out of there.
Lupis: You do not fail to surprise me.
Sunua: Lupis? Is that you?
Lupis: The one the only.
Sunua: I thought you were dead.
Lupis: No i survived..... but how did you survive i thought you died 15 years ago.
Sunua: .........
Luca: What do you mean 15 years ago? Where are we?
Lupis: Your home on the Dragon Clan planet the last place for dragons to live in peace.
Luca: Where is my son?
Lupis: Mist can you find SD and look for Sunua's and Luca's sun?
Mist: Ya bro I can I'll be back.
(Mist walks out of the room and goes to the computer.)
Mist: Computer locate Stardart.

May peace be found for those who fall to my blades.
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Out side the head Dragon Clan
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