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 New Rules!!!!

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PostSubject: New Rules!!!!   New Rules!!!! Icon_minitimeWed Aug 08, 2007 4:22 am

O.K. Here's some new rules you want to look at
1) The OC Rule: With this rules I will be able to take controle of cirtain Original Chars. I Do this by request of the Controler of the Char or if I feel it nesesary so some Tourny Matches or other things to keep the Story going. if you are unsure which of your OCs fall under this rule, PM me...
2) This also Involves the OC Ruleand is about Banning. I doubt I'll have to do this but if for some reason youare Banned. the OCs I can use will be used for my own perpouses untill you are Unbanned
3) Once more about the OC Rule but about Deleation. I seriously doubt anyone on this site will ever get this far but the OCs you use will be placed under my controle if you are Deleated from the site. From that point on thoes OCs will become NPCs. this goes for all OCs you use not just the ones I can use.
If you have any questions about these new rules please PM me...
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New Rules!!!!
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