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 The Kefka Tournament

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PostSubject: The Kefka Tournament   The Kefka Tournament Icon_minitimeTue Sep 18, 2007 3:41 am

Kefka: A little Rumor's been going around that I, Kefka, Will be holding a Special Tournament. well... THEY'RE CORRECT!. I am, indeed, Holding a Special Tournament. The Rules are Exactly just like any JG Network Tournament Except for this...
1) No need to Sign Up. Kefka Signs you Up Automaticly. (Wether you want to or not)
2) If you are signed up You Must Participate in the Tournement or Else Kefka will Kill you in your Sleep
3) You can't Forfit a Match untill 30 Minuets After it Starts (Not Real time. RP Time, I'll tell you when that is)
4) You can't Forfit at all in any "Finals" (That means Quarterfinals, Semi Finals, and the Actual Finals
5) This is a Double Elimination, 64 Combatant Tournament

Kefka: Also Ref Fred will be Reffing as well as me (Except in my own Matches). Remember Ref Freds Word is Final and can Overpower mine for this Tournament... This will be held in My Palace on my Homeworld so this may be the only time I'll let ships orbit the Planet... See you there! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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The Kefka Tournament
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