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 To new Comers with questions

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PostSubject: To new Comers with questions   Fri Dec 22, 2006 2:30 pm

O.K. Some people complain that this place is to hard to understand what's going on and what not. well here is a Message for you. You may not be a Gamer but it doesn't matter. you don't even need any Video Game knowledge to fully enjoy this site. In fact you may even have a better time if you don't know anything about it, because the point is to create you own adventure, just with using aspects that I have laid out. aspects just might be meant for you NOT to understand. that is how it works. so if you know then good. if not then just play along and you may learn a thing or 2. Think of it like D&D with me as the DM. if you knew everything there was to know it could possibly ruin the experience and the defeat the Purpose of ASKING. also, don't think of it as an unchangeable thing. You just interacting with the worlds is kinda like you assuming the role of the Programmer. You making the Game. adding your own twists to it with me being your guide to it. whether it's you throwing your own made up person into the mix or you assuming the role of any of the people in that particular game. anyway I think I've said to much. Just think about it and once again if you have any questions feel free to ask me
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To new Comers with questions
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