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 Hollow Bastion

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PostSubject: Hollow Bastion   Hollow Bastion Icon_minitimeTue Apr 24, 2007 9:32 am

[You are standing in the main square of Hollow Bastion (where Scrooge is.) You travel into the part where Merlin's house is and are greeted by Aerith. Heartless and Nobodies occainsionly appear in Hollow Bastion, so stay on guard. You may also visit Merlin, Cid, Leon, and other allies. You can also travel to the 100 Acre Wood and Space Paranoids here.]

Sora: Hey, Aerith. Aerith: Hi, Sora. Not much is going on, but, according to Cloud and Tifa, Sephiroth has been fighting this person lately. Donald: Seems a little weird. Sora: We'll go check it out. Aerith: Wait, whoever this person was, he's stronger than Sephiroth. You shouldn't go yet. Goofy: You think he could be some kind of Heartless? Sora: I don't know. I don't think a Heartless would be a match for Sephiroth. Thanks for letting us know, Aerith. We'll check it out later.
[Sora travels to Merlin's place.] Sora: Hey guys. What's going on? Yuffie: Hi Sora. Nothing much is going on. Merlin: I see you've been neglecting your magic skills. Sora: *laughs nevously* Merlin: No matter. Just be sure not to toy around with them. *Sora got Fire Element. Sora can use Fire.* Cid: Everythings running smoothly. No heartless have been around for a while. Sora: That's great! I'll go check on some of the worlds now. See ya. *Sora, Donald, and Goofy get in the gummi ship.*
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Hollow Bastion
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