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 Standard Network Tournament Rules

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PostSubject: Standard Network Tournament Rules   Standard Network Tournament Rules Icon_minitimeWed May 21, 2008 12:40 pm

SD: O.K. I think some people are getting confused about certain Rules. The Rules I put here for Any Network Tourney (Or any other Tournament that States they are using Network Rules) are Pretty much set in stone. While some may be added, it will take a lot more to Remove or Change. and Neither can be done without Ref Fred's Approval

1) Each Member of a Party is allowed 1 "Item". Items are things that aren't considered weapons or can be used as a True Weapon. This Includes Items that Restore HP and/or MP, Removes Status Ailments, Increase Your own Stats or Decreases your Opponents Stats. Keep in mind that if an Item can be use multiple times in can only be use that many times in the Match it was initially used. Since Chaos Emeralds are in this list you can use that Emerald As many times as you like in 1 match but once you have used it in that Match, it will be considered used and cant be used for subsequent Matches. Also if you end up Returning to the same tournament you are allowed once again 1 Item whether you used it or not, It counts as entering the tournament (Meaning if you got eliminated and then returned through a tie and you had used your item, you get another one. but if you come back and you haven't used your Item, you still only Have that 1). Also Items are not revealed to the Ref so if the Ref sees you use an Item he counts that as your Item, Regardless of whether you had planed something else to use (Example, you intend to use an Elixir but during a Match you use a Protect Drink. the Protect Drink Counts as your 1 Item there fore you can't use the Elixir since that would be 2 Items. make Logical sense doesnt it?)
2) Invincible Armor and whatnot is Not Allowed. An example of this is the Black Knight's Blessed Armor n which only blessed weapons can harm it. Do keep in mind that Items that Grant Temporary Invincibility, such as Stars, are allowed...
3) If a Match is taking too long the in goes into Sudden Death where a Timer set to 10 minuets. Pin Falls (As seen in Wrestling) count when there's 5 Minuets left on the clock. A Draw is called if the Timer Reaches Zero
4) In a case of a Draw in a Match other then a Round 1 Match. the Loser of the Match that had the Most Posts is Allowed back in the Tournament.
5) (New Rule) An Overflow List will be made at the Sign up of Tournaments. if a Match in Round 1 is Drawn then the 1st Person on this list will be called into the Tournament. Overflow lists will have 5 Possible Combatants and can be Applied for anytime before the end of the 1st Round
6) there are 4 ways to be knocked out of a Tournament. You (Or your whole Party if there's more then 1 person per Party) being KOed, You or Your Party Members being Knocked out of the Ring (Called Ring Out). Pin Fall (Done during the last 5 minuets of Sudden Death. Only 1 member of the Party needs to be Pinned for this to happen). Or Disqualification (Meaning you brake to many rules. This Has Happened to Inactive members as well who never post anymore.)
7) When fighting with parties of 2 or more. KOed Party members can be revived but a Party Member can't return if they have a Ring Out
8 ) It is not wise to argue with the Ref. Doing so may have the Ref attack you...
9) Ref's Judgement is Final.
10) No you Can't enter a Tournament with an Alternate Form (Unless they are Completely Sepreate.(Poor) Example Sonic and Super Sonic can't both Enter a Tournament since they are both the Same Char.)
11) Stolen Items if used by the Person who stole it Still count as being used by the Original Owner of the Item...
12) If an Item is Stolen but Not used before the end of the match (Or is a Weapon or other Such equipment), it is Returned to the Original Owner (Regardless of the Outcome of that Match)
SD: If you have Ideas for additional Rules then Message me...
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Standard Network Tournament Rules
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