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 Match 13: HK-47 vs. Jango Fett

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PostSubject: Match 13: HK-47 vs. Jango Fett   Sat May 23, 2009 6:11 am

The match started before it officially started. As soon as both combatants entered, HK attacked.

Jango wasn't worried at all. He used his ion attack, HK stopped moving. "Too simple," Jango laughed, "I knew a trash heap wouldn't stand a chance against me. Especially this old model."

The bounty hunter jumped to HK and opened up his chasis. "And now to place the bomb. This will be the easiest credits I've ever earned."

"Warning: Don't underestimate me, meatbag!" HK shot Jango between the eyes. He was finished.

"KO. The winner is HK-47."

"I'm impressed, HK-47 actually shut himself in way that he would thow off Jango and not count as a KO. But he wouldn't stand a chace if Jango hadn't been such a fool," Doom thought.

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Match 13: HK-47 vs. Jango Fett
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