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 The 10 Sider!

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PostSubject: The 10 Sider!   The 10 Sider! Icon_minitimeWed Jun 17, 2009 3:22 pm

A New Die has been added to our site. the Famous 10 sided die. Along with it comes this.
While Relm of VG Prides itself on being a No Stats RP Site, the fact that ALL of us (Including Me) could be a bit more, fair (I won't say anyone because Most People here are normaly good about being fair, you know who you are). so I've decided that a Number of Various Effects and whatnot will be determind by the New 10 sided...
Now Here is EXACTLYwhat our new 10 sided brings us.
1: A watered down "Mario Party" can now be played once I Create it...
2: ALL OHKO attempts now use the D10 (Including Final Flash)
3: Status Ailments (Such as Poison and Paralize) MAY use the D 10 Depending on some things
4: Random effects and Moves (From Chance and the Copies) Also now use the D10
5: New "Master Strokes" May use the D10

There may be more later but this is the Here and Now... I will be createing a Database of the Status Ailments and what dice they use and when... and Master Strokes (As seen and Dragon Quest Swords) will be introduced here as well.

Now, Any comments on this New Set of Dice OR the New Rules?
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The 10 Sider!
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