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 Reminder to new Guys

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PostSubject: Reminder to new Guys   Reminder to new Guys Icon_minitimeWed Jul 14, 2010 10:43 am

I have been finding more people posting things that I don't think are funny. People posting about ESPN or Shaq's Shoes or something like that on the verious other Sections, and not what they should be posting so People who are Joining you best know this...
Thy 1st post Shall be in the Creation Section of the Site
Thy 1st Post shall be about what Chars you are Makeing/Claiming
If thy 1st post is not of this or is not in the right place, you MAY be considered Spam and Deleated without notice...

This is an RP site Guys, if you come here for everything but (Especialy for Advertizeing or "Other" things), then I doubt you'll last too long... For thoes of you who ARE here for RPing, like for example our Newest Member, Nick the Blob Fox, then a Warm welcome thou shall receive.
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Reminder to new Guys
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