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 The Great Revamp Part 2

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PostSubject: The Great Revamp Part 2   The Great Revamp Part 2 Icon_minitimeMon Jul 19, 2010 5:06 am

This part holds Storyline Update...
1st off, Obviously, is with the Pokemon. Lots of the OCs have them now and. I'll admit. The Pokemon Play a pretty large roll in my Upcoming Storyline.
In case you hadn't noticed allready. SD now has 8 kids insted of 5.
Also You MAY have noticed a Portal topic posted a while back... This was going to lead to a big Story arc but no one joined up for it... SO I whent ahead and just fastforwarded through it. Essencialy The Potal leads to Stardart's Home world. Stardart on the Mobile Network fond the portal but it was... to understate it, a Very Bumpy Ride...There was a Big to-do there involving SD's old Nemesis, Nicrosaro. After Doing a Lot of Quests after that, Including resurecting Nicrosaro's old Love, Rosa, and dealing with Yet Another Evil. Stardart was able to leave. Since then Some other events have Happened that are Currently being Writen about in a Story of mine on
It's called "The Adventures of Stardart and Pichu". It's events tie in here once I get far enough. that AND depending on who you are and where you are you may end up being Part of it...
Also, as we look at Pokeworld Beta, There are some events that happen in another story that we're taking into account here. the story is made by one of our own, CaramelPrower. It's called "Twilight Heart"... I would sugest you read both his and Mine...
That is Pretty much it for now. any Questions, PM me...
There's 1 more part before Revamp is done...
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The Great Revamp Part 2
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