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PostSubject: Hyrule   Hyrule Icon_minitimeThu Sep 01, 2011 6:10 am

Hyrule is the land where most of the Zelda games take place. It has been a major location for plot development in the Relm of VG Universe. There was once a network building here.

Ganondorf's Bounty

Involved Characters (in order of appearance): Fayt Leingod, Albel Nox, Jango Fett, Megaman, Phantom Ganon, Samus Aran, Ganondorf, Kefka Palazzo, ???, Mecha Sonic

This was Hyrule's first appearance. On Earth, the mercenaries received a contract to take Ganondorf dead or alive from a mysterious client. Albel Nox and Jango Fett along with the mercenary leader, Fayt Leingod accept the bounty.

Fayt and Albel were the first to arrive and beamed down in front of Ganon's castle. They went through the main entrance and fought their way up the tower. Jango landed the Slave 1 shortly after due to his excursion on Manaan. He saw an open window and used his jetpack to reach it.

Inside the tower, he fought and defeated two Iron Knuckles with the help of Megaman. After the battle, a locked door stood before the duo. Jango attempted to blow it up to no avail. So they went off to find a key. They found a hidden room with an ice trap that Jango set off by opening the lone chest in the room. Both hunters froze and got swarmed by ice keese. Jango thawed his ice using a flamethrower and defeated the keese to obtain a key shard. He left the room with Megaman still frozen in it to eliminate his competition. It is currently unknown if or how Megaman escaped.

Now alone, Jango set off to find the rest of the key shards. He easily defeated a Wizzrobe for one. Phantom Ganon, Jango was surprised to find out it was a mere copy, held the last. Fayt and Albel arrived at the big door just as Jango unlocked it, much to his annoyance.

The trio entered to find Samus Aran's ship crashing through the wall. Happy to see each other again so soon, Jango and Samus start talking. She was there to stop Kefka's plans of forming an alliance with Ganondorf. Hints of a budding romance between the two takes more shape. This reunion was quickly interrupted by Ganondorf. The King of Evil sent an attack at the group and warped to the top of his tower where Kefka was waiting for him. Organ music began to play causing Jango and the others to follow it. They fight their way to the top and begin battle with Ganondorf and Kefka.

Albel and Fayt teamed up against Ganondorf, leaving the other two for Kefka. Things started as a stalemate, until Jango got hit in the crossfire between Fayt, Albel and Ganondorf. Albel went for Kefka, who sent him down a pit. Jango changed focus to Ganondorf. He and Samus admit their mutual attraction to each other as the fight raged on. Albel was brought out of the pit by Jango. Kefka fell down it after an attack from Samus. The four bounty hunters took down Ganondorf who then brought his tower to the ground.

The hunters escaped safely. Kefka and Ganondorf soon erupted from the rubble. Losing the fight sent Ganondorf into a rage causing him to transform into the beast, Ganon. He attacked everything in sight, including Kefka. Jango, Fayt, and Albel stood no chance. Using a chaos emerald, Kefka charged an energy ball powerful enough to destroy everybody. Before it could be used, however, an unknown observer attacked Ganon, kicked Kefka into his own attack, then threw it at Ganon who died on the spot. Kefka survived, but was weakened. The mysterious man said he was disappointed and vanished. Mecha Sonic, who had been watching from space, took this opportunity to take Kefka's emerald and send the platform everybody was standing on into the lava it was hovering over. Everybody, including Kefka, escaped safely. The bounty was complete and Ganon was dead. Or was he?

The Appearance of Fifth/Ganondorf's Return

Involved Characters (in order of appearance): Endo, Ganondorf, Fifth

Will be added soon

The Destruction of Hyrule Castle Town

Involved Characters (in order of appearance): Ganondorf, Fifth, Link, Zelda, Epona, JG, Mecha Sonic, Stardart, Bill, Bob, Kefka, Black Knight, Darth Trucid

Will be added soon

The Sacred Realm

Involved Characters (in order of appearance): Fifth, Ganondorf, Cid, Stardart, JG, Kefka, Black Knight, Acumen

Will be added soon

The War for Hyrule

Involved Characters (in order of appearance): Darbus, Stardart, Rydia, Cid, JG, Princess Ruto, King Zora, Link, Epona, Kefka, Theo, Black Knight, Executrain, Impa, Carth Onasi, "Bria", Toon Link, Kantz Larrekin, Darth Trucid, Ganondorf, Fifth, Acumen, Winged Dragon Ra, Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Executive Producer, Volke, Exodia, Rita, Dart, John, Myst, Star, Mecha Sonic, Tarnus,

Will be added soon

Dr. Doom Moves In

Involved Characters (in order of appearance): Dr. Doom, Ovan, Khallos, Strudel, Kaia, Wernid, Dr. Bob, Naked Snake, Albel Nox, Fayt Leingod, Haroosh, Bokkun, Lurtz, Rossk, Carth Onasi, Kantz Larrekin, HK-47, Bria, Darth Revan, General Grievous, Goku, Vegeta, Goten, Trunks, Bastila Shan, Nel Zelphyr, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Pigma Dengar, Wolf O'Donnell, Leon Powalski, Panther, Ganondorf, Fifth, Link, Kaio

Will be added soon

A Chaos Emerald Appears on Greatfish

Involved Characters (in order of appearance): King Zora, Jabun, Unamed Zora, Ruby, Sonic, Paeta

Will be added soon

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